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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." >> much more of breaking news in just a moment. we have traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, here is a meteorologist adam caskey now with a cool crisp morning. >> a little bit more -- warmer that we had yesterday. we are checking an area of low pressure. it is bringing with it some showers to our region. i know we need the rain. the panhandle of west virginia, western maryland will be about
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.25 inches of it. we will see some clouds today. scattered showers anticipated late this afternoon. most of the rain will be further north and northwest of the metro. tomorrow it will be cooler. >> a serious accident overnight. we are about to tell you more in the news portion of the show. this is on a stretch of the moral burden drive. -- more drive. be very careful as you travel to that area. we do not have any accidents to report. traffic is in pretty good shape on the 270. the loop looks good from college park to silver spring. back to you. >> let's get more on that breaking news from prince george's county.
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three people are dead after an ambulance and suv collide. we are live now on the ticket 600 block of marlborough plight. >> i want to give you an idea of exactly what happened here on a marlboro pike. an ambulance was responding to a call when suv is traveling in the same lane was traveling eastbound. according to the video, you can see the suv going in a high rate of speed. it is an extremely tragic accident. when the ambulance all the suv, they immediately swerved to avoid a head-on collision. unfortunately, the suv sideswiped the ambulance. the suv eventually rolled through a brick wall and a utility pole. three men inside the suv were pronounced dead on the same.
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two medics were inside the in dallas. they were taken to the hospital. they are now out. we want to let you know that this portion of marlboro pike between silver spring road and brooks drive will be closed for some time. they -- there are still accident reconstruction is on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened as far as whether alcohol might have been involved in the accident. it is unclear at this time. we turn to our other top story at the morning. the future of d.c. schools under the new mayor. we are live with the latest. >> she says that she told mayor fenty that proposals pushed
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board would cause lots of consternation. many of them are controversial, including firing hundreds of teachers. this may have contributed to mayor fenty boozing his job and could also cause reed her job. they both agree that they will have to have a conversation about the future and about her position. reed says that regardless, the public schools need to continue moving forward. >> i have spent the last 3.5 years putting my blood, sweat, and tears into the reform efforts here. we will make sure that we do whatever we can to try to ensure that they continue. >> gray has said that school reform is a priority -- is a priority for him. he has yet to say whether or not that person will be read.
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>> thank you for that report. meanwhile, at&t is going to hang over -- adrian fenty is going to hand over the office. he says he will not run for another elected office. >> return to battleground, md., where someone is trying to smooth over some hurt feelings after the primary. she received the endorsement of the primary opponent, brian murphy. >> president obama will try to rally democrats about his tax cut plan. several house democrats sent a letter to their leaders asking him to extend the bush tax cuts for everyone. >> the search continues this
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morning for a gunman who shot a student on a college campus. a fight involving about 100 people broke out at prince george's community college. a neighbor called to tell police that students were standing on his truck. >> the school kids were playing on it. i seldom pulled guns out. i saw some kids run across the street. >> and 18-year-old or 19-year- old kid was shot in the chest. a d.c. police officer is one of 12 people indicted on federal drug charges. fbi agents say he was charged as part of the year-long investigation. officers seized guns, cash, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs. he is on administrative leave.
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one suspect remains on the loose. >> it is now 5:06. rates of drug abuse keep rising. today, the hostages at the scene of the discovery standoff open up to oprah. peirce, a look at traffic and w0 minutes.
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i am adam caskey live at outside. it is warmer than yesterday. let that fresh air in. you may still want the air- conditioner later this afternoon. the high this afternoon will be in the upper 80's. we are mainly in the 60's. williamsburg is currently at an even 60. it will become mostly cloudy this afternoon. we are anticipating a few showers to develop, especially the northwest of the metro area.
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tomorrow, clearing back out. looking here at the beltway, we are in good shape. nothing to slow you down on the belt way, so far. all of the overnight construction picked up on 270 and likewise of those traveling on the beltway between tyson and tyson andey'll -- anondale. it is 5:11 on this thursday morning. we have 66 degrees. >> the next generation of smart bombs may read your mind.
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we would tell you about it later today. >> i looked out at the guard and i said run. >> we will hear for the first time from the people held hostage inside the discovery of building. >> three people are dead
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authorities say this suv was traveling eastbound when it hit an ambulance and flipped over. three men in the suv were pronounced dead at the scene. the medics did not appear to be seriously hurt. police are still investigating the crash. now we would take a look at
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our other top stories. gray says she has not large her fate. more democrats are coming out against president obama's tax cut plan. they set their leadership a letter pushing all of the bush tax cuts to be extended. the president only was to extend tax cuts to people making under $250,000 per year. illegal drug use has risen to its highest levels. it rose by 9% last year. there is a sharp increase in marijuana use. only on seven, the discovery channel employees held hostage by a gunman speak out for the first time. they spoke about their plans to
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run from the gunman. take a look. >> to make the decision that you're going to run for it? >> it was a mixture of signals. the guard was signalling with the police outside. i took that as it was time to run. i did not realize that he was talking to the police outside using hand signals. i mouthed to the guard and i said, "ron." he shook his head yes. >> begin here that interview today. state into abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the fort hood shooting suspect was too close his hearing to the public. his attorney says that his client can only get a fair trial if it is closed. he is charged in the murder of 13 people in the attempted
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murder of 32 others. the contractor that operates in metroaccess is taking action after drivers were accused of assaulting passengers. the contractor has now lost an investigation into hiring and training policies. it is expected to be completed in 30 to 90 days. the cost estimate is climbing. it is now $1.30 billion in the original one. construction -- they are now evaluating where an outdoor station can be located. >> microsoft's next-generation internet explorer and smart phones. >> microsoft unveils a test version of internet explorer 9.
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it is expected to make websites load and run faster. it has fewer buttons and icons and toolbars. apple will release its new software for the ipad and iphone in november to resolve complaints about those devices. it will allow users to wire print documents and photographs. smart phones will send get a lot smaller. technology is the best thing to the point where our phones could be mined readers. he could offer suggestions. your column may suggest restaurants based on the type of food you like to eat. those on or your tech bytes. type are traffic and
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weather. >> we will not have to make decisions. >> computers think they know better than me. take that. >> weather wise, the ark in shaping up? >> conditions in the tropics -- igor is a category 4 storm. it will not affect the united states. karl has moved into the gulf of mexico. issue turned into a hurricane later on tomorrow. -- it should turn into a hurricane later on tomorrow. we have a area of low pressure we are tracking. it will bring with it some more
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mayor air today. increasing clouds will spread through parts of ohio, especially to the south. they should redevelop and severe thunderstorms could be possible in west virginia later on today. temperatures right now in the lower 60's. gaithersburg is at 61. up to about 87 for a high- temperature today. mid to upper 8's for the high. it will become mostly cloudy. scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm or two this afternoon or evening. a to point to 5 inches possible. -- .25 ages possible. we may only see a drop or two.
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it will be sunny tomorrow. highs in the lower 80's. saturday, sunshine and low 8's. that is set for the weather. how is the jacket? >> the roads are in pretty good shape. we will be closing a stretch of more or pipe between brooks drive in silver hill road. elsewhere in maryland, the cell m side of the 270 is starting to slow down -- the southbound side of the 270 is starting to slow down. in virginia, so far, we had no accidents to report. 95 coming out of woodbridge is in pretty good shape. back to you. >> we have 66 degrees outside. the time out is5:21.
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the defense is hard at work for a game plan for sunday.
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2005 and never happened that you are counting heisman trophy winners. the heisman trust has declared
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that there will be no real vote and no winner for 2005. vince young from texas says he does not what the award. >> the redskins went back to work yesterday and started putting in a game plan for sunday's home game with the texans. he was involved in more than half of their place. fined #23 and follow him. the texans can really get it done. >> their scheme is suited to his style of running. we have our work cut out for us. he rushed for over 230 yards last week. it will be a big task for us. >> the nationals beat atlanta at 4-2 yesterday. >> we have 66 degrees on this
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crisp, cool thursday morning. >> still ahead, unexpected consequences of the financial overhaul. what a local business will have to close. >> good morning, i am courtney robinson on the scene of a fatal crash. officers say what happened and how it will pass your commute coming up. how it will pass your commute coming up. >> you will notice
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington."
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it is thursday, september 16. i am alison starling. thank you for joining us. more on that track the story in just a morning -- in just a moment. adam is here now with the forecast. it is about 66 degrees. i run the risk of the laughing at me. >> 68 actually at reagan international. noticest thing you'll today is the cloud cover in the increase in clouds. there are some showers possible. we could use some rain. we had the best chance of rain in the west and northwest. arlington is up to 66.
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here is your forecast for today. a few showers and maybe a brief a thunderstorm in the northwestern parts of the viewing area. about 87 for the high temperature today. you cannot rule out an isolated showers. a northwesterly wind tomorrow. >> prince george's county police are continuing to investigate a serious overnight crash that closed a section of marlboro pike between brooks and silver hill road. beltway traffic is good around the city. let's take a look good at a stretch -- let's take a look at a stretch around silver spring.
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the west side of town is in pretty good shape. starting to slow down for those going around large bird. back to you. we have breaking news coming from prince george's county. three people died in a collision between an ambulance and then suv. emergency workers say the suv was headed the wrong way along a marlboro pike. courtney, what is the latest? >> just after midnight, an ambulance was responding to a call. they were heading westbound down more brook pike. the suv was in this lane heading in the wrong direction. look at what happened. a very traumatic crash. officers say the suv was speeding and sideswiped the ambulance. it rolled into a brick wall and a utility pole before coming to a stop on its roof. the three men inside the suv did
5:32 am
not survive. they were pronounced dead at the scene. the two medics' inside the angeles went to the hospital. they are now out and ok. >> he was able to swerve to the left just before the head-on collision and then they were sideswiped. >> back out here live, you can see police are still investigating. this will cause some issues apart drivers. marlboro pike between brooks drive will be closed walt police tried to figure out why the suv was in the wrong lane. it is a try 6 situation this morning. >> turning now to our other top story, the future of d.c. city schools under a new mayor. michele read it that she played
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a big part in how the elections played out. she is now talking about her own future. we have details on this. >> good morning. this has been a question people have been asking. now that vincent gray is poised to take over, many are wondering what will happen to reed. she has worked to reform the school system and made a number of controversial decisions. >> i told the mayor early on and that the reforms were going to cause a lot of consternation. >> the reform efforts may have caused the year-to-date to lose his job. gray is poised to take over. >> i think it will require a conversation, certainly. obviously we want to give chairman great the opportunity to bring in his team and work
5:34 am
with people that are on the same page with them. >> great says he was to move forward with school reform -- gray says he wants to move forward with school reform. >> i looked over to talking to her very soon. >> both reed and gray say they are looking forward to having that conversation about the future. she hopes to help the school system move forward whether she is here or not. >> will see what happens. thank you very much. mayor fenty is making plans for his its future. he says he will not wage a write-in campaign or run as an independent. he does not plan to see another
5:35 am
elected office. he says he will find another way to get back to the community. bob ehrlich now has the support of the man whose -- who opposed him. he will move onto a rematch with the democratic incumbent. >> investigators say a man used an on-line dating service to meet and attack a woman. he is being held without bond, accused of assaulting a woman he met on eharmony. she was assaulted back in july. police are asking any witnesses to come forward. a springfield man is in federal court today after shooting a man over a speed bump. court records reveal that a backpack taken from them carried
5:36 am
a revolver. the discovery channel employees held hostage are speaking out for the first time. they sat down with oprah winfrey for her show today. they talked about the gunman, james lee. >> hit came to the decision that you're going to run for it? >> it was a mixture of signals. the guard was talking to the police outside. i took that as it was time to run. i did not realize he was talking to the police outside using hand signals. i mouth to the guard, "run." he shook his head yes. >> you can see the entire interview at 4:00. be sure to listen to abc7 news at 5:00. >> still ahead, the president's
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plan to fix wall street includes cuts to a local day care. plus, the politics of the economy and the growing battle over bush era tax cuts. we'll have another check on tra.
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it is thursday morning. a little warmer than we were yesterday. the southerly winds may become a little dusty later on. it will not be as funny as the past several days. with that, a chance of showers. we are mainly in the 60's. 60 in washington. 66 in arlington. here is our forecast. partly cloudy this morning, becoming mostly cloudy by midday. temperatures in the upper 80's. a few scattered showers this afternoon and evening. we could have a few showers here or there later on tonight.
5:41 am
there were only be about a quarter of an inch and will be further south. we'll talk about the seven-day forecast coming up. now, let's talk about traffic. >> on the press georges county side of time, still dealing with the major crash that happened overnight. it will likely be shut down for a while. you want to use an alternate route to avoid that. 95 northbound is starting to get jammed up around a northbridge. you can see the headlights coming north -- a heavy volume of traffic. 270 chaffetz tried to get past. back to you. >> 66 degrees outside. it is 5:41. coming up on our morning chat,
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boaters' wait to see in congress will work out tax cuts or let t. we have an update to this morning's breaking news. a tragic crash we have an update to this morning's breaking news.
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we continue to follow breaking news from district heights. three people are dead following a collision between suv and an ambulance by -- and an ambulance. the suv was traveling eastbound in the westbound lane when it hit the ambulance, flipped over, and hit a wall. in accident reconstruction team is still on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened. let's check or other top stories. michelle read will soon meet
5:46 am
with my world nominee vincent gray. they have not seen eye to eye in the past. discovery channel amp -- employees who were held hostages -- who were held hostage last month are talking to oprah winfrey. you can see the entire interview today at 4:00. finally, hurricane igor could make for a rough weekend on east coast beaches. it is expected to stay away from the eastern seaboard. it could -- >> a showdown is looming on capitol hill over the bush tax cuts. they are expected to expire at the end of the year. >> today the senate could pass a small-business bill, something the president has long wanted.
5:47 am
they say if they can agree there, they can agree on the bush era tax cuts. >> the american people did not send us here to just think about our jobs, they sent us here to think about theirs. >> the president wants families making < $250,000 to keep their tax cuts. the republican leaders say everyone needs a break. >> raising taxes is a wrong prescription for an ailing economy. >> the unemployment rate stands at 9.6%. last month, lenders to it that more homes since the mortgage crisis. democrats say this is the time for change. >> all of the bush tax cuts should be extended temporarily. >> 31 house democrats at their leadership a letter asking the
5:48 am
president to extend tax cuts for everyone. but the obama says the country cannot afford them. >> the white house has found its wall street regulator. but the obama will appoint elizabeth warren to head the new consumer protection agency. she will report to the treasury department. she will not need senate confirmation. >> more burial mixups at arlington national cemetery. the army has found three bodies in the wrong grade. they have uncovered mismanagement at the cemetery. yesterday, a grave was opened. his family had asked for an investigation saying there were problems with the paperwork at the time of his burial. >> we regret very much that the warner family has lost confidence in our progress. >> and inspection of warner's casket shows that he was intered
5:49 am
improperly. >> 5 it is:48 -- it is 5:48. we need the rain. it would help a lot here. >> it is something we could use. it is not looking that way. i think the maximum accumulation will be 0.25 inches. >> not a smoker. >> no. a few jobs are expected. sometimes it takes the remnants of a tropical system to break us out. luckily, the strong storms are not going to be affecting the united states. julia has weakened a bit. it is tell eight category two. but these will be carried off to the east before they get that
5:50 am
the united states. bermuda will be affected by igor. karl is going back into the gulf of mexico. it could develop into a hurricane by tomorrow afternoon. none of these systems will affect our local weather. again, they could mix up the surf. temperature wise, it is 61 in gaithersburg. 64. a little bit warmer than yesterday morning. i think you need the air conditioner this afternoon. the high temperature will be in the upper 80's. it will become mostly cloudy by early afternoon. there'll be scattered showers near west virginia, western maryland, maybe in the winchester area. tonight, we should have a few
5:51 am
showers locally. otherwise, it will be a pretty sunny day tomorrow. a little bit cooler. saturday looks like a bit testy day. high-pressure is dominating our weather for the most part. there are those huge ships in our temperature. they will remain above average. 5:51, let's go to jim with hour commute. >> prince george's county police are still investigating and overnight accident. moreover pike is shut down both ways between silver hill road and brooks drive. starting to pick up some customers of i 95. it will be heavy and slow. you see a lot of traffic in springfield. north of town, college park to
5:52 am
silver springs, no accidents or delays to report. >> adam, i know you remember the local man to was going to wrap about arlington. he is back. he is taking on metro. watch. >> everybody is equal. i am talking about equality. that is what i believe. i rode on the metro. ♪18 >> it was posted yesterday. you can watch yet at >> he is getting more high-tech it looks like.
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>> very good. let's play jeopardy. he is the all-time biggest whinnying -- all tied biggest game show winner. his name is roger craig. he has $77,000 in winnings. he has a long way to go to break the record. he has won 74 straight. >> quite a disparity there. >> we have 65 degrees on this thursday morning. the "are w
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>> it is located in a basement. because of a regulatory reform bill, that all this will close soon. >> it is very sad. every aspect of it, the children, the teachers, and the parents. >> class of the center include white house staffers, world bankers, and lobbyists. they are trying to figure out how to save the day care center.
5:57 am
>> we hope they can find a way to step in and make the change. there is a lot more still to come on our second hour. coming up, all of the cool kids are doing it. >> what will happen to michele read? the details are coming up. we will help navigate your thursday t
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